For the Artist, creating pieces is an event that represents a journey that encloses a sacred dimension: the production is a passage, a magic rite, cathartic, part of an intellectual and conceptual event that needs time, enormous patience, skill and joy.

Through her very personal elegy to slowness, Martha Pachon Rodriguez and her work reminds us that our existence hangs by imaginary and imperceptible threads of relations and discoveries… it is up to us to unravel the tangled knots or let nature take its inscrutable course… siga su hilo…

Fragment of text by Claudia Casali, directress of MIC International Ceramic Museum in Faenza, Italy

SEIN-OURSIN SERIES: Porcelain, Nerikomi technique.

SEA URCHIN & SEA FLOWERS: Porcelain, Nerikomi technique.

IMPUDIC LACES: Porcelain, glaze, decals, “Nerikomi” technique (Inlay with fragments of pigmented porcelain).

OBJECTSOF SEDUCTION: Porcelain, “Nerikomi” technique (Inlay with fragments of pigmented porcelain).

FLOATING WORLD OBJECTS: Porcelain, Nerikomi technique.

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