More than 20 years have passed since Martha Pachón Rodríguez arrived in Italy with two degrees in Fine Arts and Art Education. With an experience of 10 years of sculptural work and the History of Art didactic in Colombia. She took her first steps in Italy in the field of porcelain sculpture, developing several projects, both in Europe and in Asia. She was co-founder and editorial collaborator of the magazine “La Ceramica in Italia”, named after “Fragile” based in Milan. She has worked in several galleries both in Europe and Asia and she was the creator and art director of the FACC Faenza Art Ceramic Center.

During this time she becomes known all over the world for her saturated and contrasting colors in porcelain, for her technical competence and for the many South American, Mediterranean and Asian influences, aspects that have earned her a long series of awards in her nearly 30-year career.

Now, Martha creates the MPR STUDIO supported by a group of collaborators with a multidisciplinary background and ranges the creations of the studio from furniture and utilitarian objects, to sculpture, light installations and contemporary jewelry. All characterized by the high attention to detail and a refined craftsmanship.

The ones that come out of the MPR STUDIO are unique, exclusive, bespoke pieces; porcelain for wear, porcelain for design, porcelain for home, porcelain for interior, porcelain for architecture; contemporary porcelain.

The studio and the showroom are located in Via Laghi, for decades the most important street in the city of Faenza (a city with an ancient tradition of ceramics in the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy). The house of the MPR STUDIO headquarters is one of the most beautiful and particular on the street. Built in the early 1900s, it was the Ragazzi glass factory belonging to this Venetian family and later to the Ortelli-Belosi family. Framed windows and balconies, Venetian style both in colors and volumes and with an almost Moorish freedom of expression. The perfect home for a creative studio with a revolutionary concept on porcelain, ready to welcome new projects.